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The focus of Satpuda Valley Public School is to mould the overall personality of a child through physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual development. Children are looked upon as gifts with divinity and potentiality inherent in all of them. We dedicate ourselves in shaping up each child into a complete human being with a great talent, creativity, intelligence, compassion, love, truthfulness and the virtues of sharing.

Our Mission

To build a school that makes frontline contribution in the areas of education, knowledge creation and youth transformation, placing our society at par with the best in the world with the attainment of the following:

  1. Satpuda Valley Public School values academic excellence besides promoting the creative, social and emotional facets of child development.
  2. Shaping students into ethical, responsible, creative, innovative and humane citizens of global renown.
  3. Skills: oratory skills, logical reasoning, cultural values, expertise in lingua franca.
  4. Generic and subject skills: An assured knowledge which can be analysed, recalled at appropriate times, applied and used for synthesis of new things.
  5. An open atmosphere for learning where adults and young learners both have opportunities for learning.

On the whole with its policy on assessment, competitions, inter-personal interaction and with a look at the value of a free human spirit, the school provides, every student at SVPS will be challenged with love, trust and success in its academic, social and vocational goals.

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