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Curriculum / Courses

The school is affiliated to CBSE and hence follows NCERT pattern.

The school’s mission is lived out daily in the wide array of rich learning experiences we offer students. We aim to nurture children’s natural passion for learning and to instill habits of life-long curiosity and reflection.

Our approach to teaching, to student leadership, to community service, and to the many other aspects of school life reflects our hope that we will model and instill in students our most deeply held values of kindness, empathy, creativity, inclusion, justice, life-long learning, and connection to the natural world. We believe that a liberal education is vital to becoming a global citizen in a world where future jobs have not yet been fully imagined. Once ready to leave our school, we believe our students graduate from the school knowing how to think; how to understand their own worldview and those of others; how to find and then evaluate information; how to construct and analyze an argument; and how to communicate clearly, authentically, and diplomatically.

We also believe that students leave our school with an internalized sense of the school’s mission — that it is their privilege and responsibility to serve country and community with wisdom, conviction, and compassion.

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