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Community stay is one of the unique things practiced in SVPS. The aim of the event is to understand the rural India and its limitations and benefits. Where the students conducts a survey through the village seeking the information about the occupation and family structure. In this event the students of grade 6th along with 20 teachers participate every year in the month of December. Every year different villages around Betul are selected and the schools in these villages serve as the boarding place for all, while the traditional rural food gives immense pleasure to one and all.

Year Place
2015 Simori
2014 Arjun Gondi
2013 Bhopali
2012 Malkapur
2011 Sehera
2010 Raranbadi
2009 Arjun Gondi
2008 Jhadegoan
2007 Arjun Gondi


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