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Every year more than 10 field trips are going to conduct for nursery and pre-primary students to make learning more practical, where the kids identify the things and observe the properties and natural behavior of them. In this event the students visit waterfalls, dams, gardens, restaurants along with their grade directores, teachers and helpers.

Fish Sapna Dam To show different parts of fishes and their parts
Insects School Campus To show houses of insects like ant, termite and honey bee.
Birds Balajipuram + School Campus To show different kinds of birds and their nets.
Fruits Bagicha To show Fruit tree and their leaves and to take leaf impressions on a chart paper
Vegetables Bagicha To show upper ground and underground vegetables
Village and farming Chikhlar To show farming and its tools
Restaurant Jayka To show cutlery, crockery and table manners.
Boats and ships Balajipuram To show different types of boat and their parts
Rain creatures School campus To search some rainy creatures
Community helpers Villages To show different communities
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