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Guidelines for Parents

  1. Read the contents of this diary carefully and regularly
  2. We discourage any kind of rote learning and hence advise all parents to avoid pressurizing the children.
  3. Each child has a different learning style and hence pressurizing the child to sit and write or to sit & read would hardly work. Learning happens best in a liberal and open atmosphere. Therefore give your child the best of your time and that will make the child learn and consequently secure the best.
  4. A child’s diet should contain a high amount of vitamins and minerals. Refined and processed food, strips off, all its nutritional values and hence avoid giving your child such food or minimize its consumption.
  5. Since value of healthy vegetarian food is recognized world over, we wish to enforce a healthy vegetarian diet in our school. Your co-operation is needed to adhere to the school rules on lunch.
  6. Students suffering from contagious disease should not be sent to school, till the mandatory period of the quarantine is over, followed by medical certificate.
  7. Do encourage your child to speak in English.
  8. Intimate the school regarding the change of address and telephone numbers. They are vital in the interest of the safety of your wards.
  9. Any queries or information about your ward may be sent in written (in diaries/ Application).
  10. Attend P.T.M. regularly and if you still have any doubts or complaints, you are requested to take timings /appointments before hand, from Principal, administration, grade director, subject teacher or OGC directors and these meetings could be arranged specifically on Saturdays.
  11. Please refrain from visiting the classroom directly at any time. The school office may be asked if there is a requirement to do so.

Guidelines for students

  1. Bring the diary daily.
  2. Students should be in regular uniform every day with black shoes.
  3. Converse only in English from the time of boarding the bus, while he/she is in school premises till departure (reaching the stop).
  4. Avoid loitering aimlessly along corridors, run about, shout or whistle.
  5. Take proper care of books, notebooks and other belongings of the school. School will not be responsible for any lost articles, ornaments and jewellery.
  6. Never to bully the weak or make fun of the old, poor or the handicapped.
  7. To make pursuit of the truth and knowledge should be his or her motto.
  8. Be an active participant in every school activity.
  9. Your work or conduct should be such that it brings good name to the school.
  10. Follow up the corrections and suggestions given by the teachers.
  11. Follow the rule of, silence’ strictly in the library during the library period.
  12. Avoid destroying the school property like desk/benches/chair/table etc. A firm action will be taken by the authority, otherwise.
  13. You are expected to be regular for the school. If attendance goes below 85%, you will not be considered eligible for the final examinations.
  14. Leaves will be sanctioned beforehand by the Grade director, so prior information is must.
  15. Heavy fines, suspensions and even rustication will follow for the students who are found to misbehave either with their classmates or with any adult in the school premises.
  16. Junk food and drinks of any sort particularly are restricted.

Specific Guidelines for Pre-Primary & Primary Students:

  1. Child should attend all the FA’s and SA’s conducted from time to time to avoid any discrepancy in annual examination.
  2. Unnecessary toys or any other item should not be brought to the school by the students.

Specific Guidelines for Senior & Senior Secondary Students

  1. Submission of written documents in form of question banks, project, practical records etc. to be submitted as & when required.
  2. Any kind of fad (fashionable accessories, hair style, nail art, civil dressing etc.) will not be entertained.
  3. No electronic gadgets, camera or mobile is allowed in the school premises. lf found it will be taken into the school custody. Subject allotted in Gr. XI can be changed till October, with special permission by the Principal.
  4. All the terms & pre boards are mandatory.
  5. There will be no provision for Re-test if proved unsuccessful in Annual exams. (Gr. XI)
  6. Gathering or party in absence of any teacher/adult’s presence and without Principal’s permission is strictly prohibited.
  7. Chewing gum is not allowed.
  8. Bikes cannot be brought in the school premises.
  9. Washrooms can be used during the lunch time and if required in between duly permission should be taken from the teacher. Consequences in case of violation of Rules and Protocols damage rendered to school property will be penalized individually (If the offence is self-confessed) otherwise collectively by the whole class.
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