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Mr.Koushik Dagaji

Satpuda Valley Public School

Mr.Koushik Dagaji, Chairman, Satpuda Valley Public School, is an young entrepreneur with a far-sighted vision and time-tested wisdom. Under his chairmanship, the Satpuda Valley Public School enjoys pride of place and national repute in terms of standards of education and infrastructure. Today Satpuda Valley Public School, Betul, is an esteemed institution and it has established itself as a strong educational edifice in Betul city.

Mr. Jagdish Chandra


Mr. Jagadish Chandra, director, academics, An Educationist and an expert in Education, Child Psychology, Differentiated Learning with democracy; associated with Rishi Sanskriti Vidya Kendra (RSVK) since 2005; extensive experience in teaching and school management; aims to help stake holders lead fulfilling lives and thereby contribute more effectively; an expert in the Art of Parenting and has trained hundreds of parents. He is also a corporate trainer, concentrating on intra & interpersonal communications, stress-free and holistic living, team building, and coaching.

Ms. Wati Jamir


Mr. Wati Jamir, Principal, An educationist, trained in creative teaching methodologies from iACT, Bangalore; an expert with extensive experience in formative assessments and child-sensitive evaluation, integrated learning, “School as a community learning organization” initiatives, and Social science education and so on. His current interests are in developing the programs for strengthening the links in the educational cycles of influence for teachers, parents, and students.

He heads Satpuda Valley Public School, Betul, Madhya Pradesh and is leading a clear path for institutional success. He has been instrumental in designing a highly collaborative learning apparatus for both development of leadership amongst both the teachers and the students alike and holistic life-style for success. Highly motivational in his interactions and he brings the freshness form the combination of the ‘executive’ left-brain and the ‘holistic’ right-brain.

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