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Satpuda Valley Public School is a place where a totally different set of values is nurtured. As a teacher, I have never experienced this degree of democratic environment in a school. In itself, in the true sense it is a home for burden free learning. Believe it or not, to feel at ease is the primary necessity to have an advanced learning, and I feel extremely happy to be a part of this institution for its upbringing. As a parent too, the experience that I am getting from my child is worth mentioning. The students get a broad exposure on their part and I as a teacher cum coordinator get to know where their inclination is and hence what may be the strategy to mentor them. I believe, one must experience the beauty of this place in his life.

– Dattatrey Kanitkar,
Teacher, SVPS

Technology is today mankind’s main enterprise. There is no escape for us from the accelerating effect and massive impact of technology on our outlook, life style, social, cultural, political and economic structure. As such Satpuda Valley Public School is the right platform for all these ALL ROUND DEVELOPMENT.

– Imowati Jamir,
Teacher, SVPS

Satpuda Valley Public school is a centre of learning for both the students and the teachers. My interaction with class 11 and 12 students in SVPS has been a learning experience. I have grown as a person. A teacher cannot get the facilities like Satpuda Valley Public School provides anywhere. Really it is a ‘home away from home’.

– Manjunath R,
Teacher, SVPS

I’m lucky to be a part of S.V.P.S. since 2006. Our school focuses on positive skills and abilities, such as responsibility, persistence, enthusiasm, motivation etc. Here the teachers are evolving, caring, empathetic, determined, dedicated, creative, compassionate & inspirational.

– Jolly Mathew,
Teacher, SVPS

Satpuda Valley Public School is one of the holy educational places of our area which gives a great experience and learning atmosphere, not only to the students but also to the teachers. It is a fantabulous combination of educational and sports academy, where the students get overall growth with respect to their multi-functioning Brain.

– Suresh Sheshkar,
Teacher, SVPS

The school has the healthy and free atmosphere for the students to learn and to bring out the queries and problems to their teachers. The school is based on the values of pure moral like trust, truthfulness and non violence. The school is very much conscious about child’s upbringing. The school sets a great amount of patience and the direction in child’s minds so that he can see and achieve the goals he wants. The school offers the competitive examination training to students. The school gives the best results.

– Puneet,
Teacher, SVPS

We pre-primary teachers focus on vibrant and healthy learning. School gives the climate of joyfulness to the students. We try to understand the psychology of the students and help them learn in their own way.

– Kuntal Mulik,
Teacher, SVPS

Satpuda Valley Public School, one of the best schools of Betul, is surrounded by the greenery. The children and the staff have made it a wonderful school. Teachers working with an excitement and a thrill, is the most appreciable part of this institution. The motives are the children, who are full of enthusiasm and excitement. They are always interested in all the fields. Children are excellent and innovative in all fields; let it be concerned with the studies, competitive examination, quiz or sports. It’s the enthusiastic children that make the teachers motivated to work for the institution.

– Chhanda Sarkar,
Teacher, SVPS

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